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Magic The Gathering Events

Magic The Gathering Events







Welcome to Ibuywargames MTG - Magic The Gathering Events Section.

We have set this page up for Local players, to Find information on the Store Game nights and Events.

Game Nights:-
Tuesday's:- At The Store. Casual / Booster Drafts / Commander / Modern / Draft / Cube (All Community Lead). 5pm - 22:30pm (But we are open from 9am so feel free to book in a table any time!)

Fridays: - Friday Night Magic 7pm - 11pm at Ibuywargames.


Commander / Modern / Brawl played from 4pm to 7pm

Commander FNM Must and will be played and finished before 7pm, as you will then partake in Standard.
FNM Commander is a Free Casual Format played before Standard or Booster Drafts. 

FNM £5.00
£13.50 For Drafts, And £30.00 Sealed.

All Prize payouts will be in Standard Boosters.
This still makes Ibuywargames the Cheapest in the Area. With our amazing FNM Foils and Fantastic Pulls in-store Ibuywargames is the place to come.

**New FNM Magic Loyalty Card** - Come to all 8 No Skipping and get your 9th FNM and 2 Boosters for FREE! 
(Excludes Drafts and Sealed FNM's)

We have a massive growing Community here and as always feedback is always Welcome!!
Remember bring a new Friend and get a Booster Pack Each FREE!

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