Necromunda - Barricades and Objectives


Necromunda - Barricades and Objectives

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Welcome to the underhive, Juve. As a new recruit to one of the many hive gangs fighting for territory, for supplies or just to survive, it’s time to gather your fellow gangers around you, pick an opponent and head into the depths. But remember – the enemy could be around the next corner or waiting in the shadows behind any doorway, so keep an eye out, and always watch your back…

Before playing their first game, each player will need to assemble their fighters (and ideally paint them!), so that each one is carrying the appropriate equipment. The assembly guide included in the box shows how to assemble each fighter so that they match up with one of the Ironlords or Carrion Queens Fighter cards.

Whether you’re fighting a skirmish in ancient tunnels, pushing into the territory of a rival gang or even making a last stand in your own stronghold, you’d best pay attention to your goals, Juve… or risk losing everything.

Each game of Necromunda is defined by the scenario you choose to play. These range from brief but bloody chance encounters between rival gangers to full-scale raids deep into enemy territory. Games can be linked together into campaigns in which your gang grows and accumulates wealth.

The scenarios in the Necromunda: Underhive box focus on confrontations fought in the labyrinthine tunnels of the lower hive cities where many newly-founded gangs first seek to establish themselves. Once your gang has gained some notoriety, the Necromunda: Gang War expansion will allow you to take the action into the open spaces of the manufactory domes above.

The Necromunda: Underhive box contains everything you need to start playing, including cards, dice, templates and more.



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