AT-ST Unit Expansion - Star Wars: Legion


AT-ST Unit Expansion - Star Wars: Legion

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AT-ST Unit Expansion - Star Wars: Legion


The power of the Empire is visible on any subjugated world—few images are more representative of Imperial power than the shining white armor of a Stormtrooper or the rumble of a walker stomping through city streets or across the battlefield. Soon, you’ll be able to supplement your Stormtroopers with another symbol of Imperial oppression: the All Terrain Scout Transport! Fantasy Flight Games is proud to announce the AT-ST Unit Expansion for Star Wars™: Legion.

An AT-ST is an awe-inspiring sight to the average foot soldier. It towers above the battlefield, stalking inimically forward on mechanized legs and raining a hail of fire and death from its laser cannons and powerful weapons systems. With the AT-ST Unit Expansion, you’ll find a single finely sculpted, massive AT-ST miniature, which can be assembled to loom over the battlefield and provide a rallying point for your entire army. Alongside this beautiful miniature, you’ll find an assortment of all the unit cards and upgrade cards that you’ll need to fully integrate the AT-ST into the Empire’s war machine—and your armies.

Whether you deploy them in the tight, forested confines of a planet like Endor or the sweeping plains of a planet like Lothal or Hoth, each AT-ST you bring to the battlefield is sure to be a powerful sight. The AT-ST can march forward and concentrate fire on your opponent’s most powerful positions—all while absorbing the most dangerous firepower your opponent can pump out. The AT-ST is the first heavy unit for the Galactic Empire, and should you so choose, you can field two of them in your army. Though two AT-STs would take up nearly half of your army points—before you even assign them any upgrades—the fear these walkers instill in your opponent’s army is nearly palpable.

With a wound threshold of eleven, an AT-ST is already the most difficult unit in the game to completely disable. Combine that with the Armor keyword, which cancels all non-critical hits from every attack, and you have a powerful assault platform that your opponent will need to expend continuous effort in order to destroy. Still, all that armor is not without a weak point. The armor is thinner at an AT-ST’s rear hull, allowing even infantry weapons to potentially puncture the armor and strike something vital. Wise commanders would do well to support their advancing AT-STs with infantry support that prevents any Rebels from slipping behind the bipedal walker and concentrating firepower on its rear.

Even as the Rebels fight desperately to destroy an advancing AT-ST, it will be doing plenty of damage with its own weapons. The feet and legs of an AT-ST are equipped with deadly fence-cutting blades, which are equally effective against flesh-and-blood opponents. The AT-ST’s trademark twin blaster cannons can tear through squads from long-range—potentially decimating enemy squads of infantry soldiers before they even come close enough to use their weaker blaster rifles.

The AT-ST’s upgrade slots let you equip it with a pilot, but it also has three hardpoint upgrade slots—and the upgrade cards to fill those slots, if you so desire. These powerful weapons—the DW-3 Concussion Grenade Launcher, the 88 Twin Light Blaster Cannon, and the AT-ST Mortar Launcher—all have distinct uses on the field of battle, so it’s up to you if you want to load up your AT-ST with all three weapon loadouts, or if you’d prefer to leave those points open to allocate for another part of your army. Whatever you decide, the AT-ST miniature has the weapon options to reflect your choices, inviting you to assemble your AT-ST in a way that marries its physical appearance and its in-game abilities.



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